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Whether you’re an employer struggling to diversify your workforce, or a small business looking for access to resources and opportunities, Livingston Worx can help!


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Government, Public &   Private Sectors

What does diversity and inclusion have to do with innovation, scalability, and customer loyalty? More than you might think! We can show you how to develop and implement customized, creative, and cost-effective solutions that disrupt biases, deconstruct discriminatory practices and diversify your workforce, workplace, customers, community involvement and supplier / vendor base.

Minority, Women or Small Businesses

Did you know you could be missing out on opportunities by not showcasing the diversity within your business? Let us show you how to increase your revenue streams through certification, business development and other innovative means.


Our Promise

Livingston Worx promises excellence always. Our customer’s continuous success is our primary focus; therefore, we promise to always add value to their businesses that will help them to create working, living or learning environments that elevate their employees, customers and the communities in which they live.


Across industries


DEI efforts that elevate people, maximize processes and increase profits


Into perpetual greatness by thinking strategically, learning proactively and changing tactically

Livingston WoRX so you don’t have to.

Client and solution-focused, Livingston Worx supports clients with transcending their current state and strategically positioning themselves to fully embrace their ideal vision (or future state).  Livingston Worx works hard so their clients do not have to spend invaluable time and resources that are needed in the business, for day-to-day operations, to work on the business.  Livingston Worx partners with their clients to help shepherd in diverse customers, content, competencies, capital resources and, most importantly, a workforce –to help clients increase: customer loyalty, employee engagement, market share, brand equity and their bottom-line.

Government, Public and Private Sectors

Disparity Study Consultant – Practitioner Support Services
  • Develop Minority and Women Business Program Remedies
  • Vet and implement Disparity Study Remedies
  • Evaluate and evolve Disparity Study Remedies
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program
  • Education and Awareness Solutions &  Trainings
  • Prevention Solutions &  Trainings
  • Enforcement Solutions &  Trainings
  • Policy and Practice Solutions &  Trainings
  • Employee/Business Resource Group Development, Leverage and Assessment of Effectiveness
Supplier Diversity Program
  • Develop, implement, enhance or transform an SDP
  • Integration of SDP in Supply Chain or Procurement Practices
  • Enhance Compliance
  • Enhance Outreach &  In-reach
  • Enhance Supplier Development
  • Enhance Advocacy

Livingston Worx supports these various Sectors in building, enhancing and sustaining DEI behaviors, policies and practices with efficacy and that go beyond symbolic structures of DEI efforts.  Livingston Worx supports these organizations with opening doors of opportunity; equipping, enabling and empowering diverse workforces and businesses to walk through those doors and thrive.

Small, Minority, Woman, or Economically Disadvantaged-owned businesses

Socio-Economic Certification(s)

Support firms with obtaining certifications, such as, but not limited to:

  • MBE
  • WBE
  • WOSB
  • 8a Small Business Program
  • DBE
  • SBE
  • HIBZone
Business Development
  • Customer Engagement
  • Growth and Contracting Opportunities
  • Project and Program Management
  • Competence, Capabilities and Capacity Development
Strategic and Succession Planning
  • Developing and Implementing Strategic Plans
  • Developing and Implementing Succession Plans
  • Developing and Implementing Business Roadmaps
Access to Capital
  • Accessing Grants
  • Accessing Debt Instruments
  • Accessing Alternative Sources of Capital

Livingston Worx supports small and diverse businesses with becoming a strategic partner of their customers. A Strategic Partner is one who knows, understands and shows their support of their customers’ core strategies; can live up to their customers’ core values is agile; innovative; can grow with their customers and has positioned themselves to bring their customers continuous value by anticipating their needs and is able to deliver cost effective solutions with their customers’ customers in mind.

Words of Praise

Courageous and Unwavering

“Ms. Livingston was courageous and unwavering in her pursuit of opportunities for diversity on behalf of our suppliers. She has an excellent grasp of the challenges facing small and minority owned businesses, spend categories, supplier markets, and supplier capacities/capabilities. This knowledge is augmented by her excellent understanding of business best practices, water utility operations, engineering and construction, and the dynamics at play at a world-class water and waste-water utility. Towanda used her leadership and management skillset to build the program into one of the best Diversity Offices that I have ever witnessed.”

-Rudy Gonzalez, Director of Procurement at DC Water


“It has been an absolute pleasure to be connected with Towanda Livingston on LinkedIn. She’s resourceful and brings a ton of value to me and my network. She has not only been helpful to me during my job search but she has been helpful to other job seekers in my network too. She has went over and above by giving me a warm introduction to a number of her contacts offline which has been beneficial. She has also sent me useful jobs or opportunities that I could share with my network. Towanda is unselfish and genuinely cares about other people. Therefore, I highly recommend her to any organization that is looking to hire for a position that matches her skills and experience.”

-Timothy Ball, File Processing Representative at S3 Shared Service Solutions

A Font of Wisdom

“Towanda is the most upbeat, fun DEI professional I know. She gives away her knowledge and experience freely and you can see her passion for helping small businesses in everything she does. Whether you follow her newsletter, social media posts, or podcast, she is a font of wisdom that will help you before you ever even sign on as a client!”

-Jenn Wells, Co-Founder of BrandSwan

Heart of Gold

“Towanda is true champion of small business and has a heart of gold. Not only is she knowledgeable and a leader in her field, but she is incredibly compassionate and generous with her time. She continues to blaze trails in a time when good leadership is needed.”

-April Williams, CEO of Kennedy Consulting Group

Relentlessly Excellent

“Towanda is relentlessly excellent. She’s brilliant, courageous, thoughtful and exceeds all areas of expectation. She is a crown jewel to professionals universally. My company is on the edge of a successful expansion because of her direct influence and impact. I highly recommend her for business development, business strategy and economic strategy or inclusion. Towanda is also very thoughtful. She listens and prays with you. She is a #LivingEpistle”

-Michelle Snow, Founder of Grow Together Snow Foundation

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